Star Wars: The Arcade Legacy

Published April 14, 2017 Leave a Comment

As you might’ve heard about by now, Star Wars: Rogue One just had its worldwide release this past Friday. To the glee of many fans young and old alike, the movie delivered an action packed experience filled with impressive CGI and stellar acting. Most of all, it offered up an engaging story which retraces the events leading from the third prequel film (Revenge of the Sith) to the first of the original trilogy, A New Hope. Without diving too much into spoilers, Rogue One specifically focused on the series of happenings which allowed the Rebels to acquire the plans for the Death Star and reveal its iconic vulnerable exhaust ports.

All cinematic and special effects aside, Star Wars is one of the few film franchises that has managed to breach the generational gap. Other such series include the Marvel and DC cinematic universe, or television shows such as Dr. Who and Star Trek, that have weathered the test of time and still produce quality content for everyone to enjoy. But I digress; this amount of well-deserved fame often translates to Star Wars merchandise, Star Wars clothing and, as evidenced from the title of this article, Star Wars video games.

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