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Well gamers here is a great documentary about the history of the arcade from Gaming Palooza Empire. In this arcade documentary you will see the industry grow from its inception to what we know as the modern arcade. This video covers the games from shooting games like Sega’s Periscope to Atari’s Pong and beyond.  It is fun to watch as the industry grows to what we know it as today.

With the new technology coming we can only wait and see what great new designs are going to be presented in the future.  At the arcade I work at, the Shake Shoppe Arcade in Seaside Heights New Jersey, we have a nice mix of the classic games and the newest technology.  This gives the audience a nice choice of the nostalgic and current games to choose from.

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Lucky’s is Daytona Beach’s premier restaurant, sports bar and entertainment venue – which is saying a lot for the happening Florida city.

Lucky's Arcade Daytona Beach Florida

Lucky’s Arcade Daytona Beach Florida

Located at 2900 Bellevue Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL., Lucky’s features state-of-the-art bowling in a high energy and contemporary space, with sophisticated dining menus, full service cocktail bars, billiards, arcade games, Plasma TVs as well as an on-site DJ.  It is your one stop for a fun night out.

Lucky’s also features some great specials, like Tuesday is Two-Buck Tuesday with all bowling only two dollars a game.  You can’t get a better family entertainment value than that.

The Lucky’s game room, which is operated by PrimeTime Amusements, has over 100 of the latest redemption, video and novelty games, including Lazer Frenzy and Highway 66 mini bowling. The arcade (and redemption center) was designed for players of all ages!

In addition to having a world class game room the menu in the restaurant is just as top notch; with a full assortment of dishes to satisfy the hungriest of gamers.  And to top it off they have a world class bar stocked and ready to go with all your favorite libations.

Lucky’s provides an unparalleled experience that makes everyone feel like a V.I.P. So check out this great video showcasing all Lucky’s in all its grandeur and see for yourself.

When you are looking for fun in Daytona Beach Florida, make sure you check out Lucky’s, the name says it all. For more information you can contact Lucky’s at 386-310-7978.

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There seems to be a new trend coming on that is the bar/arcade hybrid.  With the games that where popular in the eighties coming back in to play today, but now with alcohol.  I say YEAH!

Pac Man

Pac Man

Now most bars have one or two games in them but some of what I call Barcades open up that offer over 20 games lined up and ready to play.

The first one that comes to my mind is Dave and Busters.  They have been around for ever and have been expanding for years. Dave and Busters offers a great fun atmosphere with good food and then throw in a full bar, you have yourself a good time.

Dave and Busters

Dave and Busters

They have been doing business forever like this but it seems there is a new type of retro arcade/bar opening. The kind like there was in the 1980’s with more video games than redemption games.  The kind of arcade where they have Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.  A place like the newly opened EightyTwo.

Club EightyTwo

Club EightyTwo

Located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, EightyTwo is a 21+ classic arcade and full bar featuring a rotating collection of 40 restored, playable arcade and pinball machines from the 1970s thru the 1990s. Complete with a tree covered outdoor patio, nightly DJs, and a craft cocktail program, EightyTwo is LA’s modern spin on the classic arcade.

These retro bar/arcades are popping up everywhere and they are popular.  I hope this is a trend that stays a long time.

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Family-centered arcade gets approved – Keep Me Current: News.

The word “arcade” might not conjure up a place where parents and their children would play games together or where students could get homework help after school, but that is exactly the type of arcade that Chris Perks is planning to bring to the Knightville section of South Portland.

The proposal for the Portland Arcade, which would feature retro games such as Ms. Pacman and Donkey Kong, as well as some of the more modern video games played on Wii or Xbox systems, received approval from the South Portland Planning Board last week… [read the full story]

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So young Cain Monroy loves arcades so much he decides to build his own. To pass the time, he thinks up and builds elaborate arcade games out of cardboard.

Watch this great video of what happens when a flash mob shows up.  Click the image to watch the video.

Cain's Arcade

Cain’s Arcade

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The full name of this arcade is a mouthful but here it goes “The Hershey’s Shake Shoppe and Primetime Arcade”, but the locals call it the Shake Shoppe Arcade. Located on Hancock and Ocean terrace in Seaside Heights New Jersey, it is the newest Arcade to open since the storm hit last year.
The Shake Shoppe is in my opinion what an arcade/restaurant hybrid should be. Fun.

Hershey's Shake Shoppe Arcade

Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade

One of most notable things about this arcade is the façade.  The giant cone as part of the structure make this place a landmark.  Now when people want to meet on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights they say “Meet me at the big cone.”  This statue by Primetime Amusements has become the most photographed image on the boardwalk surpassing the Jersey Shore house.  Everyone wants their picture in front of this icon.

The Giant Cone

The Giant Cone

The most popular items at the Shake Shoppe are the Ice Cream, which is one of a kind Hershey’s Ice cream, not to be confused with the chocolate, but this is the real deal in premium ice cream. They eat it up. Hershey’s Ice Cream makes a good product.

Scoops of ice cream are the favorite here and with over 16 different flavors ranging from classic vanilla to Moosetracks the people always get what they want. They offer a range of shakes and smoothies as well. The prices range from 3.00 – 5.00 for a smoothie. They are really good on a hot day.

Big Frank

Big Frank

Then the food at the snack shack is the best deal on the boardwalk. You can get a huge hamburger and fries for 7.00 and that is cheap as this is known as the best hamburger on the Seaside boardwalk. They use Midshore Meats out of Toms River to get their cuts ground special. It is a real treat if you like a classic burger with tomato and lettuce. The bun they use is the best bread around. And if you are really hungry try a Ripper, you have to ask to believe it. They are good. The entire menu is ranged between 2 and 5 dollars for a very good meal.

Then there is the candy stand which offers treats that are hard to find called Martha’s Sweets. At Martha’s they have specialty candy that is found only in the finest candy shoppes around the world. Like those jelly fruit slices that your grandmother loves. Owner Patty Hershey says that they are planning to add more sweets in the future as well.  Look for a Carmel apple and salt water taffy, this is going to be a welcome addition for sure on the shore.

The arcade offers a range of games and cranes to keep everyone amused. There is a range of themes to choose from. You can go for the classic skee-ball and carnival games, the sports games, the very popular air hockey tables, Terminator Salvation on a 100 inch screen and more, this arcade has it all. If you like slots they got them. There is something for everyone at the Shake Shoppe Arcade.

The Shake Shoppe offer private parties for kids of all ages, you can rent the place and have a band perform it is great. And the rates start at 10.00 per person, which is about as cheap as you can get when renting an entire arcade for several hours. It is a deal.


Birthday parties with the young ones are the most prevalent at the arcade but the adults find themselves getting in the fun.

The Shake Shoppe is open 9:00 am Monday through Sunday May – October and for private events during the off season.  To contact the Shake Shoppe visit or call 732-793-0600.

Come on down for the Polar Bear Plunge.  This Saturday 02-22-2014 9 am till 4 pm

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LOGAN SQUARE — The new Logan Arcade will have more than 25 vintage pinball machines, 40-plus video games and about 20 beers on tap when it opens next Monday.

 By Victoria Johnson on February 11, 2014 8:42am @vtronreports

That’s thanks to Logan Hardware owner Jim Zespy, a passionate games aficionado, and a team of techs who have lovingly restored old, junked games and pinball machines back to their near-original sheen.

Logan Hardware owner Jim Zespy

Logan Hardware owner Jim Zespy

Sometimes that means scrubbing layers of smoke stains off pinball boards, ordering lots of odd replacement parts and installing sheet after sheet of fresh glass panels to replace those scratched up from years of play.

“You open them up, and they just reek, and they’re super dirty, and we have to buy extra parts — but we have fun resurrecting them and knowing they’re not going to be thrown out,” Zespy said.

Zespy’s passion for the vintage games is clear. As an avid pinball machine collector, he is so immersed in the history that he rattles off names of game designers as if they were household names.

“This one’s signed by Python Anghelo,” he says, pointing to a pristinely restored PIN-BOT machine, before pointing out another machine he notes was designed by Dan Langlois.

Where he and his team can’t totally rebuild a pinball machine or video game, they keep the artwork to put in light boxes for decoration to hang on the walls.

One example is the artwork for the video game Breakout, designed by perhaps a true household name, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer.

All of these goodies and many more — such as the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine signed by every cast member depicted on the backglass — will now share a roof with another salvaged gem, a ’30s-era bar featuring 20 beer taps and stocked high with liquor.

With renovations ongoing, Zespy isn’t quite ready to show off the full space, but has been teasing on Twitter and Facebook with random photos of pinball backglass art and playfields.

Those who remember the old Logan Hardware space will recognize the original back game room, which is largely unchanged and still stocked with upright video games. Now, though, the whole front area that formerly held the record store goods is full of pinball machines and video games, too. Another, larger backroom now also has been opened up to fit more games.

Zespy also strived to restore the whole space to what it looked like when it was a hardware store.

“We ended up rehabbing it a lot, but we tried to keep it as original as possible,” he said.

Logan Arcade, 2410 W. Fullerton Ave., will open this weekend for a sneak preview for friends and family and then to the public on Monday at 3 p.m.

Though the arcade will be for those 21 and older, younger button mashers will still find a rotation of their favorites in the new Logan Hardware a block west at 2532 W. Fullerton Ave.

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Two Bits restaurant  at 1520 Demonbreun Street Nashville, TN 37203 615.750.3536 is a one-of-a-kind southern inspired bar menu but that is not all.  This fine dining establishment offers arcade games as well. In the same way that their menu is a great combination of classic and modern, so is there collection of vintage and state-of-the-art games located throughout the entire bar.

Two Bits

Two Bits

To start Executive Chef William Zuchman creates southern classics that are getting great reviews from the customers, like classics Creamy Shrimp & Grits (I WANT THAT!) and Veatloaf a veal meatloaf.  Man that sounds good.

Then after you eat there are all types of games to be played to end the night.  From their website: “We have classic arcade staples that most of us love but haven’t played in years like Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, Space Invaders, Extreme Hunting and more. Leave your quarters at home, because all games are free to play for our guests!”

Free games! That is right their games are free to play. What a great idea, as the free games will surely keep them drinking at the bar. This is a great concept, it works for Dave and Buster’s with huge success it is nice to see that it is working with fine dining as well.

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While at the 2013 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas last week, PrimeTime Amusements CEO David Goldfarb took some time out to interview a few of the best and most exciting presenters and vendors at the show.

The interviews were taped for our PrimeTime Amusements YouTube channel. Watch David’s first conversation with Steven Lau of 5 Star Redemption here.

VIDEO: PrimeTime Amusements Interviews 5 Star Redemption

5 Star Redemption specializes in the design and manufacture of ticket-redemption and auto-redemption arcade games. It has games which appeal to players of all ages and skill levels. Its games have proven over time that they are staple games and feature pieces at any arcade or game environment. Since 1996 Five Star has prided itself on building games that stand the test of time, as some of its games are still ranked in the top ten in the industry many years after their release. Learn more here.

Upcoming interviews will feature Betson Raw Thrills, Namco, Ice, Bob Space Racers,Sega, Andamiro, Toccata Gaming International, Benchmark Adrenaline, Coast to Coast, Incredible Technologies, Baytek, Trio-Tech, and more!

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The U.S. arm of Atari, the iconic video game company that created “Pong,” filed for bankruptcy on Monday

But Atari will live on. The move is aimed at breaking the American branch away from its unprofitable French parent company. Atari U.S. is looking to “secure independent capital for future growth, primarily in the areas of digital and mobile games,” the company said in a written statement.

atari-vcsOver the next three to four months, Atari U.S. will seek buyers for some of its assets, including the Atari logo and the company’s games catalog. Atari as a whole owns or manages more than 200 games and franchises.

The gaming landscape has changed dramatically since Atari was founded in 1972. Atari scored hits with groundbreaking gaming consoles and classic titles like “Pong,” “Centipede” and “Asteroid,” but later lost its dominance to rivals like Nintendo. The brand has bounced around through several different owners. France’s Infogrames Entertainment acquired a stake in Atari in 2000, then bought out the company in 2008 and changed its name to Atari S.A.

Some fun facts on the Atari 2600:

  • The Atari 2600 is responsible for game cartridges: The Atari 2600 expanded on the concept of selling games on individual ROM cartridges, which had been introduced by the now virtually-unknown Fairchild Channel F.
  • The Atari 2600 is responsible for DLC: Well, almost.  The ill-fated Sega Dreamcast was the first console to actually offer downloadable add-ons or enhancements for disc-based games, but theGameline cartridge was the first example of digital distribution of games, allowing Atari 2600 users to download games like Stargunner, Bank Heist and Alien via a phone line.
  • The Atari 2600 is responsible for movie tie-ins: Raiders of the Lost Ark was the world’s first movie tie-in video game in 1981, and the terrible E.T. tie-in was one of the precursors of the 1983 video game crash.  Remember where it all started to go wrong if you ever get a chance to sit down withPeter Jackson’s King Kong: The Game.
  • Atari 2600 games can be worth thousands: If you owned one of the 30 million Atari 2600 consoles that were made and sold and you still happen to have some of your old cartridges sitting in a box in the attic, go and take a look through them and do some research – you might have a digital downpayment on your mortgage. The ultra-rare Air Raid for the Atari 2600 is worth over $30,000 to collectors – only 13 copies are known to exist worldwide.

Read more on CNN Money.

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