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In Glendale California more than 50 arcade games are to be appraised, then sold at upcoming auction. [Read the full story here]

Arcade games going to auction

It turns out the state law that forced Glendale to hold onto dozens of vintage arcade machines doesn’t apply to the games at all, paving the way for an upcoming auction of the machines last valued at a total of roughly $100,000.

More than 50 games, which have been collecting dust in storage for roughly three years are to be appraised by a specialist and then sold at auction, according to a City Council decision made this week at a City Hall meeting.

The machines include games such as Galaga, a space-shooter game; Ms. Pac-Man, a maze game; and Extreme Hunting 2, a shooting game. There is also a two-seat, sit-down racing game called Initial D Arcade Stage Version 3.

Game On!

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LOGAN SQUARE — The new Logan Arcade will have more than 25 vintage pinball machines, 40-plus video games and about 20 beers on tap when it opens next Monday.

 By Victoria Johnson on February 11, 2014 8:42am @vtronreports

That’s thanks to Logan Hardware owner Jim Zespy, a passionate games aficionado, and a team of techs who have lovingly restored old, junked games and pinball machines back to their near-original sheen.

Logan Hardware owner Jim Zespy

Logan Hardware owner Jim Zespy

Sometimes that means scrubbing layers of smoke stains off pinball boards, ordering lots of odd replacement parts and installing sheet after sheet of fresh glass panels to replace those scratched up from years of play.

“You open them up, and they just reek, and they’re super dirty, and we have to buy extra parts — but we have fun resurrecting them and knowing they’re not going to be thrown out,” Zespy said.

Zespy’s passion for the vintage games is clear. As an avid pinball machine collector, he is so immersed in the history that he rattles off names of game designers as if they were household names.

“This one’s signed by Python Anghelo,” he says, pointing to a pristinely restored PIN-BOT machine, before pointing out another machine he notes was designed by Dan Langlois.

Where he and his team can’t totally rebuild a pinball machine or video game, they keep the artwork to put in light boxes for decoration to hang on the walls.

One example is the artwork for the video game Breakout, designed by perhaps a true household name, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer.

All of these goodies and many more — such as the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine signed by every cast member depicted on the backglass — will now share a roof with another salvaged gem, a ’30s-era bar featuring 20 beer taps and stocked high with liquor.

With renovations ongoing, Zespy isn’t quite ready to show off the full space, but has been teasing on Twitter and Facebook with random photos of pinball backglass art and playfields.

Those who remember the old Logan Hardware space will recognize the original back game room, which is largely unchanged and still stocked with upright video games. Now, though, the whole front area that formerly held the record store goods is full of pinball machines and video games, too. Another, larger backroom now also has been opened up to fit more games.

Zespy also strived to restore the whole space to what it looked like when it was a hardware store.

“We ended up rehabbing it a lot, but we tried to keep it as original as possible,” he said.

Logan Arcade, 2410 W. Fullerton Ave., will open this weekend for a sneak preview for friends and family and then to the public on Monday at 3 p.m.

Though the arcade will be for those 21 and older, younger button mashers will still find a rotation of their favorites in the new Logan Hardware a block west at 2532 W. Fullerton Ave.

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While at the 2013 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas last week, PrimeTime Amusements CEO David Goldfarb took some time out to interview a few of the best and most exciting presenters and vendors at the show.

The interviews were taped for our PrimeTime Amusements YouTube channel. Watch David’s first conversation with Steven Lau of 5 Star Redemption here.

VIDEO: PrimeTime Amusements Interviews 5 Star Redemption

5 Star Redemption specializes in the design and manufacture of ticket-redemption and auto-redemption arcade games. It has games which appeal to players of all ages and skill levels. Its games have proven over time that they are staple games and feature pieces at any arcade or game environment. Since 1996 Five Star has prided itself on building games that stand the test of time, as some of its games are still ranked in the top ten in the industry many years after their release. Learn more here.

Upcoming interviews will feature Betson Raw Thrills, Namco, Ice, Bob Space Racers,Sega, Andamiro, Toccata Gaming International, Benchmark Adrenaline, Coast to Coast, Incredible Technologies, Baytek, Trio-Tech, and more!

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PrimeTime Amusements’ bread and butter is arcade game sales. The company sells both new and refurbished equipment to individuals, companies, arcade centers, and more. So the question becomes – why new or why refurbished? Well, we recommend you choose the right option for you and your needs.

Refurbished games are typically less expensive because they are not new! However, when purchasing from a reputable company like PrimeTime Amusements, your purchase comes with the ease of knowing the game is guaranteed and tested by our team of technicians! Refurbished games are a great option for those that are looking to spend a little less and don’t need the perfect, right out of the box game. Further, some games that are no longer available can only be purchased as used and/or refurbished.

So let us tell you more about the refurbishing process – or rather – let us show you! Watch and learn right here: PrimeTime Amusements Refurbished Arcade Game Video

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slide_273827_1962692_freeCheck out this awesome post from’s Weird News. We promise you won’t regret it!

Guinness World Records’ Top Gaming Records

Good things come in small packages for a computer buff in Canada.

Back in 2009, Mark Slevinsky built the smallest arcade machine from scratch. The game measures 4.88 x 2.05 x 2.36 inches and can run Tetris, Space Invaders and Breakout clones. One problem: It doesn’t have much space for holding quarters.

On the plus side: The tiny technological achievement earned Slevinsky a spot in Guinness World Records’ newest book, Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer’s Edition, for being the smallest arcade game ever — a big achievement for such a small game.

The book, which hits stores Jan. 10, features other winners of offbeat gaming-oriented records, such as Steve Blum, who is the Most Prolific Videogame Voice Actor with 261 credited appearances as of May 10, 2012), and John Bates, who, at 85, has achieved more than 14,000 perfect games on Wii Sports Bowling, making him the Oldest Gaming Record Holder.

Watch the video here.

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photoThe PrimeTime Amusements team has been crazy this past week and a half! And the craziness will continue…PrimeTime was brought on to provide the arcade games for both the Orange Bowl and BCS Championships! Because I am sure you were wondering what the college football players do in their off time to keep their minds focused and limit distractions…now you know! They are playing some of the coolest and most popular arcade games out there, including: driving games, pool tables, basketball machines, air hockey pinballs, and of course Madden football!

What games would you want to play while preparing for a national championship football game?!

Arcade Nook