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More and more bar arcades are opening around the country and I couldn’t be happier.  Most of these venues offer the classic games like Centipede to Qbert,  and of course pinball, a bar, and some a full kitchen.  The barcade is becoming quite the appealing investment.

Pinball machines in the Barcade

Pinball machines in the Barcade

The barcade trend has been growing in popularity across the U.S. during the last decade. Typical barcades have pinball machines and arcade games, and sell locally crafted beers from microbreweries in the area—meshing the childhood nostalgia of gaming with America’s favorite pastime: drinking.

Chicago has seen three of these establishments open recently including Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N. Milwaukee Ave.; Headquarters Beercade, 2833 N. Sheffield Ave.; and Logan Arcade, 2410 W. Fullerton Ave. and they are all seeing good success in the market.

Barcades are popping up everywhere, If you are not familiar what these places look like check out the following video, it has a pretty good walk through of a Barcade in New York.

This is a good sign for the arcade industry, it means people are getting tired of playing their video games at home and are starting to mingle again.  Nothing beats live interaction and that is where the arcade comes in.  It is a place to socialize and have a good time.

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