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We are at the 2013 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas and we are turning the cameras on all of the other attendees and exhibitors!! Here is David Goldfarb, president of PrimeTime Amusements, with RePlay Magazine! Want to see what they are saying?! Check out our YouTube account the next few days/weeks

david and replay mag

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Harlem Shake by Prop Creations, PrimeTime Amusements

The world is doing the Harlem Shake. The Miami Heat have, college swim teams have, celebrities have, kids have, and now finally your very own Prop Creations and PrimeTime Amusements have. Enjoy!

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bizbashPrimeTime Amusements and Prop Creations are featured on BizBash, the only editorial brand that takes event and meeting style seriously. We cover events of all sizes and types throughout North America, providing planners with the information, innovation, and insights they need to create magical experiences.


PrimeTime Amusements is a global operator, seller, and event renter of video arcade machines and simulators. Founded in 1992 by David Goldfarb, the company is headquartered in South Florida. PrimeTime Amusements’ customers, however, represent countries and markets around the world, including the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, and Africa. PrimeTime Amusements has four key areas of business: operations, rentals, sales, and theming (better known as Prop Creations). Prop Creations was launched in 2011 and is head by an art designer and team of sculptors with more than 40 years of combined experience. The creations or statues are primarily constructed from foam and hard-coated with paint, which ensures that the finished products are lightweight and easy to transport, yet waterproof with the ability to be kept outdoors. The Prop Creations team creates the pieces using a combination of CNC 3-D cutting machinery and hand-sculpturing, followed by hard-coating and intricate painting. Prop Creations can design, build, and create props, figures, statues, and set design for any environment at any size. Learn more at

See the full overview and feature here.

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PrimeTime Amusements Celebrates Turning 20; Launches Contest to Give Arcade Game to One Lucky Fan

PrimeTime Amusements, a global operator, seller and event renter of video arcade machines and simulators, is celebrating 20 years since first launching in Orlando, Florida in 1992. What began as a side endeavor at a local sub shop for University of Central Florida college student David Goldfarb has grown into a multi-million dollar, international arcade, amusement, prop creation and theming company.

To celebrate its birthday, PrimeTime Amusements is giving one lucky fan his or her very own arcade game. To participate, fans must like the PrimeTime Amusements’ Facebook page and explain how they celebrated (or plan to celebrate) their own 20th birthday. The individual with the best birthday plan – as determined by the PrimeTime Amusements judges – will be named the winner on March 11. To like the page and enter the contest, visit

“Celebrating two decades since shaking hands on my first pool table and juke box rental is an amazing and humbling feeling,” said Goldfarb, President of PrimeTime Amusements. “Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate PrimeTime Amusements growing so big and so fast. But I attribute it to our team, which I believe is the most talented, skilled, creative and customer-centric team in the industry.”

PrimeTime Amusements was founded in 1992 in Orlando, FL by Goldfarb. Then a student at UCF, Goldfarb tested his idea inside of the on-campus fraternity house. He quickly moved on to a local sub shop, adding a few pool tables and a juke box. “I was handling all aspects of the operation, sales, delivery, mechanical and more,” Goldfarb said. “It was truly a one-man show where I needed to understand and do everything from the ground-up.

Since then, Goldfarb has moved the company south to Ft Lauderdale and added a range of new products and services, including rental, sales and operations divisions. As part of the operations arm, PrimeTime currently operates the game room in the largest McDonalds in the world (located on International Drive in Orlando), Loews Hotels and Resorts at Universal Orlando, Xtreme Indoor Karting in Ft. Lauderdale, NASCAR Sports Grille, Johnny Rockets GameRoom in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, and more.

In 2011, PrimeTime Amusements added a new division to the company: Consulting and Theming. Born once again from a customer request (this time out of North Africa), PrimeTime Amusements launched Prop Creations. The division allows PrimeTime Amusements to now create a complete Family Entertainment Center, including all aspects from A to Z, when given four white walls.

As part of the company’s theming division “Prop Creations,” PrimeTime Amusements can now create (in-house) architectural foam, statues, figures, set-design and props. Statues are either carved from hand or built with high-tech, specialized CNC-3D cutting machinery. The Prop Creations team has 40 years plus of combined experience. An art director, engineer and sculptor make up the skilled and talented team, which has drawn the attention and respect of artists, contractors, customers and more. Prop Creations has already created the Miami HEAT’s really big three: 20-foot foam statues of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh; life size versions of the characters from artist Miguel Paredes’ paintings, all of which were featured at Art Basel; and Bollywood themed statues and props for a recent Make-A-Wish Foundation Gala.

About PrimeTime Amusements

PrimeTime Amusements is a global operator and provider of video arcade machines and simulators. Founded in 1992, PrimeTime Amusements goes beyond just selling and renting equipment; the Company also offers thousands of entrepreneurs and facility owners’ turn-key arcade consulting, planning, installation and operations solutions. PrimeTime Amusements specializes in new and innovative machines, refurbished high-end equipment as well as classic and more traditional arcade games. Learn more at Become a fan of PrimeTime Amusements on Facebook at; and follow us on Twitter @PTAmusements.

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1992 siWhat Events Happened In 1992?

  • Hurricane Andrew hits South Florida August 22nd
  • McDonalds opens first McDonalds in Beijing China
  • Euro Disney opens in France
  • Bill Clinton becomes U.S. president
  • The largest shopping mall in the US, Minnesota’s Mall of America is constructed spanning 78 acres
  • The Summer Olympics are held in Barcelona, Spain
  • Rioting breaks out in Los Angeles following the acquittal of four white police officers accused of beating black motorist Rodney King.
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana separate
  • Space Shuttle Endeavour successful maiden voyage
  • PrimeTime Amusements is founded by David Goldfarb in Orlando, Florida as a student at the University of Central Florida.

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