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david at gameDid you want to attend tonight’s BCS National Championship game between the University of Alabama and Notre Dame but couldn’t get a ticket? Well here’s an inside perspective of the game from PrimeTime Amusements and Prop Creations CEO David Goldfarb.

Goldfarb is currently on site reviewing the signage the Prop Creations team created for the game (including BCS and ESPN signs) and the arcade game rooms set-up for the players. He promised to send more pictures from the game tonight to share with you! Enjoy!


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While PrimeTime Amusements has helped to entertain the Alabama and Notre Dame football teams by providing the arcade games for their respective hotels, PrimeTime’s sister company Prop Creationssign for espn is also getting in on the action. Prop Creations, which creates foam props, statues, architecture, signs and more, has created the signage for the ESPN tent at the game.

Check out the awesome signage to the right. Carved out of styro-foam, hard-coated and painted – these signs are sure to last a life time (or well past Monday’s big game)! Prop Creations can build statues of any size and of any character, name or items.

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