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The full name of this arcade is a mouthful but here it goes “The Hershey’s Shake Shoppe and Primetime Arcade”, but the locals call it the Shake Shoppe Arcade. Located on Hancock and Ocean terrace in Seaside Heights New Jersey, it is the newest Arcade to open since the storm hit last year.
The Shake Shoppe is in my opinion what an arcade/restaurant hybrid should be. Fun.

Hershey's Shake Shoppe Arcade

Hershey’s Shake Shoppe Arcade

One of most notable things about this arcade is the façade.  The giant cone as part of the structure make this place a landmark.  Now when people want to meet on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights they say “Meet me at the big cone.”  This statue by Primetime Amusements has become the most photographed image on the boardwalk surpassing the Jersey Shore house.  Everyone wants their picture in front of this icon.

The Giant Cone

The Giant Cone

The most popular items at the Shake Shoppe are the Ice Cream, which is one of a kind Hershey’s Ice cream, not to be confused with the chocolate, but this is the real deal in premium ice cream. They eat it up. Hershey’s Ice Cream makes a good product.

Scoops of ice cream are the favorite here and with over 16 different flavors ranging from classic vanilla to Moosetracks the people always get what they want. They offer a range of shakes and smoothies as well. The prices range from 3.00 – 5.00 for a smoothie. They are really good on a hot day.

Big Frank

Big Frank

Then the food at the snack shack is the best deal on the boardwalk. You can get a huge hamburger and fries for 7.00 and that is cheap as this is known as the best hamburger on the Seaside boardwalk. They use Midshore Meats out of Toms River to get their cuts ground special. It is a real treat if you like a classic burger with tomato and lettuce. The bun they use is the best bread around. And if you are really hungry try a Ripper, you have to ask to believe it. They are good. The entire menu is ranged between 2 and 5 dollars for a very good meal.

Then there is the candy stand which offers treats that are hard to find called Martha’s Sweets. At Martha’s they have specialty candy that is found only in the finest candy shoppes around the world. Like those jelly fruit slices that your grandmother loves. Owner Patty Hershey says that they are planning to add more sweets in the future as well.  Look for a Carmel apple and salt water taffy, this is going to be a welcome addition for sure on the shore.

The arcade offers a range of games and cranes to keep everyone amused. There is a range of themes to choose from. You can go for the classic skee-ball and carnival games, the sports games, the very popular air hockey tables, Terminator Salvation on a 100 inch screen and more, this arcade has it all. If you like slots they got them. There is something for everyone at the Shake Shoppe Arcade.

The Shake Shoppe offer private parties for kids of all ages, you can rent the place and have a band perform it is great. And the rates start at 10.00 per person, which is about as cheap as you can get when renting an entire arcade for several hours. It is a deal.


Birthday parties with the young ones are the most prevalent at the arcade but the adults find themselves getting in the fun.

The Shake Shoppe is open 9:00 am Monday through Sunday May – October and for private events during the off season.  To contact the Shake Shoppe visit or call 732-793-0600.

Come on down for the Polar Bear Plunge.  This Saturday 02-22-2014 9 am till 4 pm

Game On!

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The Sacoa Playcard System is becoming a standard in the arcade industry and is the leading supplier of “revenue management systems” for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries. They offer all types of customized applications to manage and control any entertainment facility.

Sacoa Playcard Reader

Sacoa Playcard Reader

When players buy a card they have the option to add whatever amount of credit they desire and then can recharge the card with more credit at any time. In addition to this you can add enhancements like bonuses for larger credit purchases.  Where I work at, the Shake Shoppe Arcade,  we offer a substantial bonus when someone purchases 20.00 in credit, they get an additional 30 credits in play.  This keeps the sales figures up and the players happy.

One big plus is that you set the exchange rate to any amount you want.  With each game and attraction priced according to its present entertainment popularity the prices can be changed according to demand. For example you can have the player get 6 or even 12 credits for one dollar.  This gives the player the feeling they are getting more value for their gaming dollar.

The Sacoa System also prevents cashiers from accidentally cheating the operator or customers out of the play time.  This is a big plus as the system is always right and if there is instance for investigation a few clicks of a keyboard and a report is given to the operator in a matter of seconds with every last detail.

Pricing strategies and enhanced customer loyalty may be built by offering “Happy Hours”  where play is doubled with the card, but not with the old fashioned coin mechanisms.  This translates into significantly increased revenues as the players return over and over to take advantage of the discounted rates and inevitably play more.

The software that comes with the system could not be easier to use or program as well.  It is all laid out with simple manuals and great customer service if you need to contact someone.  They offer support lines over the phone and through email.  Email is my favorite as they give so much detailed information that is great for any support reference file you may be creating to support the machines.

Over all the Sacoa PlayCard is a great moneymaking feature to any arcade that is impossible to achieve by traditional means.

Game On!

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