Taito Taking Light Gun Games to the Next Level

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Few companies are as popular in the arcade world as Taito. Taito is a Japanese company dedicated to the development, distribution, and sales of video games; or so you could say if the company wasn’t all but defunct to this day. Originally, founded in 1953 by the Russian entrepreneur Michael Kogan, Taito developed and released their first ever video game in 1973 called Elepong. They would continue to create games that were similar to other offerings found in the States along with imports and distribution of American arcade cabinets on Japanese soil. However, they also began the develop their own games, and struck gold in 1978 with a little timeless classic we like to call “Space Invaders.” This game has made them more than $500 million to this day. Other famous titles developed by the company were Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble, Darius, Arkanoid, and Elevator Action, to name a few.

However, in 2005, Taito was bought by Square Enix and is now resting soundly as part of its parent company. We say the term “resting well”, because that’s all Taito seems to be doing nowadays. Compared to their prestigious run back in the 70’s & 80s, you could say that they’ve become a shadow of their former selves. In Japan, however, the company has been keeping afloat with some releases, but not at the rate that they showed a few decades ago. Their most recent title was Groove Coaster 4, the latest installment in their popular arcade rhythm game series, which was released this past March 29. This game featured an all-new level system, along with a dynamic difficulty setting ranging from 1 to 15. The developers also added a new stage unlocking system and several online functions.

Furthermore, Taito continues to support their NESiCAxLIVe download platform in Japan. But, even there, their releases have been minimal. They also had a stint at creating a VR arena game, but the idea seems to have gone up in smoke since no news have come from that project in particular.

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