The fish hat parade is coming!

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Fish Hat Parade

Fish Hat Parade

Well it is that time of the year again, time for the Fish Hat parade. What is a Fish Hat you ask? Well it is exactly what it sounds like, a hat that is made to look like a fish. Why you ask? It is to raise awareness of what happens to the ocean when it is polluted.

This event takes place every year in Seaside Park, New Jersey when throws of children get together and learn about what happens when the ocean is overly polluted. What happens is we get an overabundance of jelly fish in the ocean.

Fish Hat

Fish Hat

So each year the children get together and construct a hat that looks like a fish and at the same time learn about how to keep the ocean healthy. It is a win/win for everyone as the parade is another excuse for a fun time and the children all learn a valuable lesson on ocean health.

The Seaside Park fish hat workshop is this Friday, at 5/30 5-8:30 PM so come on down and make a hat!  Purposed materials or bring your own hat and supplies to share in addition the Seaside Park PTA will also provide supplies.  The Seaside Park fish hat parade is the Sunday, 6/1 at 11 AM.

Wear your hat!  The parade will be led by the Central Region Marching Golden Eagles. Then join in the fun after the parade with refreshments, music, & and other activities.

All are welcome to this great family event. Don’t miss out on the fun this year and help raise awareness of how to keep the ocean healthy.

Game on!

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