The Games of IAAPA 2018 (Part 2)

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Another week, another look back at the IAAPA 2018 trade show that took place in Orlando back in November. It was such a massive show that it can’t be contained in a single post…or even two. In fact, if you were to walk every part of the floor, you would have covered 10 miles! That’s a lot of amusement product. In case you missed the first post, you can see what games we covered in part I by clicking here.

We covered seven different games last time, so we’ll do the same for this round. Links are included to be able to see more about each product beyond the video, as we have the most comprehensive and detailed descriptions of these products that you’ll find on the web (even more detailed than what manufacturers post to their websites!). If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, so that you don’t miss more awesome video updates!

Fantasy Soccer Brings World Sport Back To Arcades
Soccer is a sport enjoyed by people all over the world, so it has been sorely missed within the arcade business. Thanks to UNIS, it is finally back and in a form that most players can enjoy. Find out more about this new game here!

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