The Hall of Fame That You Didn’t Know Even Existed

Published August 1, 2019 Leave a Comment

People visit arcades for a variety of different reasons. Some go just to kill some time and play; some go for the social atmosphere, while others have the sole intention of taking on a serious challenge – that of setting highest possible score. This can come from either a ”You Vs. the Machine” or a world record breaker mentality, both serving as central motiviations in scorechasers everywhere. There’s something about placing your initials into the top slots on that coveted “high scores” screen, a feeling that drives many a gamer to hone their skills. However, there’s a new feature hitting the modern arcade scene that might give an extra incentive for players to set and share their own high scores, at least where Raw Thrills games are concerned.

Most games developed by Raw Thrills, such as Slither.ioNERF ArcadeSuper Bikes, and Cruis’n Blast, among others, feature their own QR codes in the after-game results screen. At this point, players could use their smartphones to scan the codes, and then share their legitimate and verified high scores in any social media platform. Imagine having a “high scores” screen not limited to the arcades, but available for anyone to see directly on their Twitter or Facebook feeds. However, while this feature was nifty, at best, it catered exclusively to the aforementioned hardcore gamers. Meanwhile, the most casual users would simply opt out, leaving the service unused.

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