The Lost Art of the Arcade a Video Game Arcade Documentary…

Published April 3, 2014 Leave a Comment

Well gamers here is a great documentary about the history of the arcade from Gaming Palooza Empire. In this arcade documentary you will see the industry grow from its inception to what we know as the modern arcade. This video covers the games from shooting games like Sega’s Periscope to Atari’s Pong and beyond.  It is fun to watch as the industry grows to what we know it as today.

With the new technology coming we can only wait and see what great new designs are going to be presented in the future.  At the arcade I work at, the Shake Shoppe Arcade in Seaside Heights New Jersey, we have a nice mix of the classic games and the newest technology.  This gives the audience a nice choice of the nostalgic and current games to choose from.

Game On!

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