The XBK Zone opens with a WOW!

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XBK Zone Fort Lauderdale, FL

XBK Zone Fort Lauderdale, FL

The XBK Zone (Xtreme Bowling and Karting Zone) is now open but now it has added something new, a Hershey’s Shake Shop on location.  So now you can kart and bowl to your hearts content and afterwards relax with the best milk shake you ever had.

The bowling alleys are not slated to be fully functional until July 2014, but that does not mean that you can’t get in on the action of xtreme go karting or stopping in to the world class arcade. The karting track offers Bowman Karts, the fastest karts on the market, with speeds up to 55 miles per hour, man that is fast, and the track changes configuration every few months to keep the course fresh.

XBK Zone is boosting all new equipment and the best world class games you can find in the arcade.  ”What don’t we have is more the question.” Joseph Yedman, General Manager, said after asked what games they offer.  He continued on that “The facility is clean and wide open and a continued work in progress.”  The idea is to keep everything as fresh as possible for the audience to enjoy. Activities are also being planned like a trampoline day and contest for the best kart racers out there.

Trampolines you ask?  Of course the motto of XBK Zone seems to be have it all ready for the family to enjoy and everything is what they have.  When you go into the arcade you will see the newest games out there and the best redemption games too.  Joseph Yedman also said they have a new Skee-Ball Basketball Game which is going over like gang busters.  Yes I will say it again, Skee-Ball Basketball, kind of blows the mind huh? A game that combines booth of two favorites and this is on top of all the existing favorites.

The arcade is boosting several new game titles as well like one of my favorites, the new Batman Shooter/Driving game.  They also have all the old standards as well like Milk Jugs, a Terminator Salvation game with a 100 inch screen and of course plenty of Air Hockey tables for everyone. If you are looking for an arcade with all up to date games, look no further than XBK.

And if you are into classic cars this place is a must see, they have a virtual museum of classic cars like a beautiful mint condition 1967 Ford Fairlane and two 1957 Cadillac’s in addition to all the memorabilia that decorates the place.

So if you are looking for some good old fashioned and newfangled family entertainment you have to check out XBK Zone located at 5300 N Powerline Road  Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.  To reach them by phone call (954) 491-6265 or email them at The hours of operation are Monday – Thursday, Arcade: 12pm to 10pm, Racing Track: 5pm to 10pm – Friday & Saturday,  Arcade: 12pm to 12am,  Racing Track: 12pm to 12am – Sunday, Arcade: 12pm to 10pm, Racing Track: 12pm to 10pm

Game on!

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