Ultra Moto VR: The Awesome Upcoming VR Motorcycle Game

Published November 23, 2019 Leave a Comment

When it comes to video games, Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for quite some time, with varying degrees of success. Most past attempts at making VR go mainstream have resulted in failure, but thanks to a big push from a variety of hardware and software development producers it appears that the revolutionary technology is here to stay. Furthermore, as time passes, this platform only gets more advanced and complex. However, this tech stills comes at a price, and while it’s still prohibitively expensive for all but the most committed gamers, there are some developers that are experimenting with VR to create truly unique experiences for their users.

One of such developers is Universal Space, better known as “UNIS.” UNIS is a designer, manufacturer, and seller of many different types of arcade games and amusements, as well as the creator of several unique games. While this company has a sturdy lineup of more traditional machines such as alley bowlers, basketball games, and a whole slew of redemption games, they also have a line of unique titles, including the Crazy-Taxi-inspired Crazy Ride, which we wrote about a few weeks back. For today’s blog, we are highlighting one of UNIS’ many VR efforts with Ultra Moto VR, their unique take of a motorcycle racing game with VR support and a bunch of other features to maximize the player’s immersion.

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