UPDATE: Apple Arcade Just Announced Four New Games For Their Lineup

Published November 29, 2019 Leave a Comment

We’re writing today to give an update to Apple’s newest mobile gaming subscription service, the aptly-named Apple Arcade. While this has little to do with the coin-operated arcade machines that we usually talk about, the Apple Arcade has been creating a lot of buzz. Back in April, we first wrote about the company’s foray into the world of mobile gaming. Being the titans of the industry that they are, the folks at Apple strive to stick their collective fingers in as many pies as possible, which is what they intended to do with Apple Arcade.

Now, Apple has been dominating in the market of mobile gaming for a while now. While we’re not certain if iOS is actually the largest mobile gaming demographic at the moment, it certainly holds plenty of ground in relation to Android, its main competitor. As we wrote a few months ago, this subscription service was Apple’s attempt to solidify their standing in the industry, which they more or less achieved after the service’s launch in mid-September.

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