Video Game Bar Opens In Japan With Licensed Games

Published November 21, 2020 Leave a Comment

Though a lot of us are still reeling from the unfortunate closure of the SEGA Arcade in Akihabara, not everything is bad as the arcade gaming industry is still finding a way to survive in the electronic, anime, and gaming capital of Japan. Case in point, the first ever arcade bar to obtain official licensing for a number of their games has just opened its doors in Tokyo, offering everyone a palace to unwind, have a few drinks, and enjoy a few rounds of several numerous arcade titles.

Now, this may not sound like news, in particular, since it’s not really uncommon seeing a few games in a bar, especially here in the West where it’s common to see a pinball machine or two in the local watering hole. However, while having a few machines in your establishment is fine, things get complicated when you start adding a larger variety of games from different companies.

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