VR Encroaching Upon the Amusement World

Published January 5, 2018 Leave a Comment

Science has been constantly flirting throughout the years with the idea of virtual reality and augmented reality as means of enhancing the entertainment derived from several mediums, namely, video games and amusements. As you very well may know, video games have been an integral part of many hobbyists’ lives ever since their inception in the mid-twentieth century. Amusements and rides, on the other hand, have been around for far longer, and have rarely varied through the years on its classic formula which relies, mostly, on analog entertainment, for lack of a better description.

However, with the arrival of new, improved virtual and augmented reality technologies, matters are currently taking a turn for the best.

VR and AR have been slowly surfacing in video games as of late with devices like the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR or the HTC Vive which revolutionize the way we view and interact with our favorite games. Although the catalog of titles available for this medium is still small and full with experimental games designed to simply test out the new technology, it offers a great outlook about the future of video games, and much promise to gamers like you and me, who are constantly on the look for new and interesting ways to immerse ourselves in our favorite pastime.

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